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This might be a story in itself or me just going on; use anything you like Brad For those who have not heard, avid bowler Ron Flynn who bowled mainly at USA bowl passed away on Saturday January 14 after a long battle with lung and brain cancer. Since his passing, I have heard nothing but enjoyable stories and memories about Ron from his family and friends. I first met Ron Flynn at Don Carter’s – West on the old Tuesday Men’s commercial league. I had just come out of the junior leagues and only knew a few people on the league. My former coach Cherry Ayers and friend Bob Brooks introduced me to Ron as one of my new teammates. We were teammates and friends for the next 25 years. Ron enjoyed bowling all types of leagues like Friday nights at Don Carter’s and the Master’s league at Showplace Euless. Many people whom I have spoken to remember Ron after…show more content…
What made Ron so unbelievable was his smile and his laugh was something that could stop anyone for doing whatever and look to see what was so consumable with the happenings at the time. I recall several times on the approach that I heard Ron laugh so hard, I had to stop my approach and start over. Even though it could be distracting, it was simply Ron. Ron also bowled many local and national tournaments. He was a constant on our nationals teams and those guys do not have enough words for how great Ron was and the great times they had with him. This past weekend at USA Bowl was the monthly SASBA tournament. It was hard for me to not tell bowlers during their competition; soon enough the word began to spread. Several bowlers approached me to tell them about Ron. If you bowled on a league with Ron Flynn, you soon knew him by some way or another. He made a point to say hello and once that happened, he was your friend. Ron also enjoyed

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