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Culture of Paintball Everytime I tell a new person that I play paintball competitively, they think that it's pitiful and just a waste of, time, money, and energy. But to millions of people, including myself, it is their life, community, and culture. When I see a person wearing an HK Army shirt (you probably have no idea what this is), I can just walk right up to them and hold a conversation with them as if I have known them my entire life because that’s how we are. We are friendly, competitive, sociable, and we are all family. Paintball is my culture. Three years ago, I played my first game of paintball. We played with rental guns and masks and had a good time. I was a little scared but it was still fun. Now I play very competitively with 12 of my great friends that I have come to know very well and love like family. We protect each other, teach each other, and make each other better at the sport every time we play. Even strangers can help you progress just by giving you even the slightest little clue to how to play or fix a problem you have been having. Almost all of the knowledge and skill that I have gained was told to me, bit-by-bit, by random paintballers that felt the need to help. Every year, there are multiple events played in many different leagues all across the world NPPL, PSP, Millennium... etc., and I try to attend as many as I can so that I can learn from the players participating in these tournaments while still having fun watching my favorite sport. These events aren't just for the people playing in them, it is also for the fan and spectators. It gives these people, whether they are new or experienced to the sports, insight on what paintball is actually about. And paintball isn't like all the other sports where you just sit there and watch. In paintball the spectators, the ones who know how to play at least, can help “coach” players from the

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