Death of a Salesman Speech

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I’ve always been well liked everyone at school idealized me. Football star of my time, everybody wanted to be me. My father was always a role model to me he was the perfect example of a salesman. My father always told me how well liked I was. He always thought I’d go far, but here I am unemployed going through dozens of jobs not sticking to any of them and back at home. My brother Happy and I were dreaming big, we wanted to sell sporting goods. The Loman brothers together again doing what we love playing ball just like we did at school. I knew what I would do I’d go see Bill Oliver my old boss, he always admired me I was his favorite salesclerk. We told our father our idea and he was so excited he knew we’d make it. I didn’t really care what he thought of cause, not after, well.. Anyway. He gave us advice to aim higher for the money, we were thinking 10 thousand as a loan, but he suggested fifteen so we start big and end big. By the end of the next day my dreams were no more, I couldn’t believe what I was doing. All day I sat around for that man, for what? For him to see me and not even know who I was. I’ve been kidding myself for all these years, living in a fantasy world; I was nothing to him but a nameless shipping clerk. I was so enraged I just... Stole his fountain pen and ran out the building. Then suddenly I realized why was I becoming this person I didn’t want to be? I loved the work I did, like on the farm in the West. I then realized it was my father, it was his dreams and illusions. Up until now I have been deceiving myself. My father talked me up so much that I just believed him. But now I’ve changed. Telling my father would make no difference; he was so stuck in this idea of the American Dream even though he’d failed to achieve it. My father always believed the key to success was to be well liked and have a job, I don’t care for these things

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