Bill Cosby Informative Speech

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William H. Cosby Jr. Topic: Bill Cosby General Purpose: Introduction Specific Purpose: To introduce my class to Bill Cosby – a famed comedic performer of stage, films and television. Central Idea: Bill Cosby has used influence through television, films, and live performances to help shape the perception of not just Black Comedy but Black men across America. Preview: I will inform my classmates about the various key issues that Bill Cosby has spoken on through his comedy act, television or movie appearances, and public speaking engagements. Introduction I. Today it is my pleasure to introduce a comedic genius known across the country by the sound of his voice. II. People often recognize for his comedy but he is very upfront…show more content…
In an attempt to ease the pain felt at Baylor University after the Patrick Dennehy murder scandal rocked that community Bill spoke at a prep rally on campus. A student writer for the Baylor University News, Marianne May exclaims, “Bill Cosby's "Spirit Rally" for Baylor University fell like a hard Texas rain on parched land” in her 2003 article “Bill Cosby Lifts Baylor, Waco Spirits At 'Pep Rally.'” Bill used this opportunity to aid in bringing unity to a community and to encourage students and parents to actively participate together in the education process. II. Most recently Bill has used his voice to put a spotlight on Family Values in the Black community. C. His “Pound Cake” speech at the NAACP celebration anniversary of the historic Brown vs. The Board of Education decision focused directly on his opinion of certain groups within the Black community inability to uplift the community to the level envisioned by Civil Right leaders of the past. D. He has continues his efforts to promote responsible parenting among inner city low income Black Americans through his national tour of “fireside chats.” Conclusion I. With over fifty years in the public eye there is no shortage on opinions about Bill some good and some not so good. You may disagree with his methods but no one could deny his passion for the importance of community unity and
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