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Robby Evans Miss Cave Research Writing 13 June 2008 Stay Classy, Will “If you’re not first, you’re last.” These are the infamous words of Will Ferrell, who plays Ricky Bobby in his laugh-out-loud movie, “Talladega Nights.” That is just one of the many quotes people like to repeat from one of the funniest actors in show business today. Will Ferrell worked his way up from a comedy sketch player on “Saturday Night Live” to one of the most famous actors in the world. Surprisingly, Will graduated from the University of Southern California with a degree in Sports Information and did not plan on going into acting. Today, however, he can be seen running around half-naked or getting attacked by grizzly bears and a variety of other animals in his many comedy films. Will Ferrell went from your average guy to one of the most successful actors today. Born John William Ferrell on July 16, 1967, Will grew up in suburban Irvine,…show more content…
Will told BANG! magazine about his contribution to UNICEF: “Every time I strip down to my underwear, some money goes to the charity, so it’s kind of my way of helping, making a contribution. Plus, it brings the ladies in. The ladies love it.” (quoted in “Will Ferrell’s Charity Work”) To his many fans, Will Ferrell is an inspiration because he can make them laugh out loud with his SNL skits that are now in reruns and his many hit movies. He is also an inspiration to young comedians who want to make it big. Today Will continues to make movies. His upcoming movies include “Step Brothers” and “The Goods: The Don Ready Story.” (“Will Ferrell” starpulse.com) He also spends time with his family in his homes in Los Angeles and New York. All around, Will Ferrell is an “ordinary” guy who made it big, stayed true to himself, and didn’t let fame go to his head. Way to stay classy,

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