Losing My Grandfather

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Losing My Grandfather Losing someone who can’t be replaced by anyone else is harder than losing a million dollars. I have been deeply affected by my past experience of learning to overcome disturbances and finding out that there are some things that can’t be forgotten. I was 7 years old when my grandfather got very ill. Doctors told us that he may not live for too long due to cancer. I knew I was going to lose my grandfather. What I didn’t know was that the fact of how difficult it was going to be to overcome the feeling of being lonely, since he left me and my family. My older brother and I were always very close with our grandfather as we were growing up. We would do everything together. He was the first person who introduced us how to ride a bike, how to play chess, how to play basketball. He even got me my very own basketball hoop in my backyard for my birthday, but unfortunately as time flew by life took all this from us. As each day goes by, there has been many times were I have asked myself, “Why did it have to be my grandfather, a person who I’ve trusted with everything, a person who knew what to do or say to make me happy and who was someone that was really special in my life?” I remember when my brother and I first noticed that there was something wrong with our grandfather. I will never forget that day. We were all outside playing some pick-up basketball, just having a good time together, laughing, messing around, and this was just about a couple of months after my birthday. It was my brother and I against our Grandfather, this being because I was very small at the age of 7 and trying to shoot at a ten foot basketball hoop was pretty difficult. My brother passed the ball to me and shouted, “Shoot Allen! Shoot!” In a complete panic and excitement I quickly threw the ball as fast as I possibly could and ended up that I over shot. As the ball continued
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