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CITATION: Preller, James. BYSTANDER. New York: Feiwel and Friends, 2009. Print. Eric is the new kid in his Long Island town. After living in Ohio for all of his life his mother decided that him and his brother will go live in Long Island B/c of family issues. Eric's father had a “mental” problem, as his mom stated, and couldn't control him self from yelling and beating on his mother. After months and months Eric's mother decided that it would be best if they move away for awhile and get a fresh new start at a new life. Eric was playing basketball when he meets Griffin and his posse of hangers-on right before school begins he can tell they are a little different. Over the next few weeks he learns that Griffin is the sort of kid who makes…show more content…
But he doesn’t do much about it, as a bystander. Why? Because he isn’t the target. Kids will tell you, stepping in will only make you the bully’s next target. At least, that’s the line of thought most kids follow. But when Griffin goes too far Eric begins to notice exactly what he is doing to his so-called friends. What’s a kid to do when his conscience kicks in but his brain tells him that he will be the next victim if he does anything? The theme of this story is don't always judge a book by its cover. I say this B/c Eric thought Griffin would be a good friend to hang-out with b/c of the way he respected other people. But in reality he was only gaining people's trust, and not for the right doing. He also manipulated people in doing things for him. Such as, the people how hangs around him. The title relates to this story b/c Eric was the bystander that didn't do anything when Griffin beat up David. He didn't want to get involved, but he also knew what they ( Griffin and his group) were doing was wrong and bad. I learned that even if your not the one being bulled you should always tell a teacher or a parent that someone is getting physically or mentally bulled. No form of bullying is right and shouldn't be done in the first

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