My Experience as a Writer

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As a writer I’ve had a few experiences, some good and even a few bad. Writing can sometimes make me a bit nervous and at times scared. As a debt collector I’ve had to write an essay to my boss, explaining my problems and concerns to him was very intimidating. I’ve also had to write a paper for my GED exam. That was nerve racking but a great experience. In the long run I mostly enjoy writing but when under pressure I feel a bit less interested. As a debt collector I was prompted to write to me director expressing my concerns and issues concerning company policies and procedures. I felt a bit nervous explaining how our two thirty minute breaks would be more efficient is combined to make an hour long lunch, however in the end we were taken seriously and our lunch breaks were extended. I leaned that sometimes speaking your mind no matter how intimidating can usually pay off in the long run. Writing an essay for my GED was not such a pleasant writing experience. I wrote my essay on my grandmother, and even though I felt it was passionate and detailed the instructor was looking for more. It seems, when writing for a grade, they were looking more for form, punctuation and proper grammar. Disappointed as I was I realized its not always the subject as much as it is your form and process that gets the grade I learned to pay more attention to my technique and process. When writing an essay or paper I tend to get nervous, scared and even intimidated. I often question if I’m using correct grammar, punctuations and form. Inexperience usually gets the best of me and I freeze. I remember when writing was fun, but it feels more like a chore to me now then

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