What Are Your Experiences In Writing Class?

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Azinaide Vera Cruz ENG110 Steve Bookman September 4th, 2010 What are your experiences in writing classes? For the entirety of my High School life, I had the ability to successfully write an essay. On the whole, I felt that my writing skills was successful due to the fact that, I always wrote about exciting topics and the High School writing techniques were not so demanding. However, when I started college my writing expertise and experiences were not so pleasant. Fear and frustration are the first feelings that pop in my heart when I have to write a paper. From dawn to dusk, I feel overwhelmed, inadequate and apprehensive when I have to write. For my agony writing an essay has become my nightmare. I abominate the feeling of staring at a blank piece of paper with the knowledge that I am expected to fill it with creative ideas and appropriable writing techniques. In fact, every time I just hope that my brain will come with something creative that I could start with. Writing assignments, sometimes it makes me feel as the world is conspiring against me; on one side of my brain are the negative thoughts and fear that keep me away from writing a great paper, and on the other side, instead of positive mind, I encounter with the thoughts like, “Do I ever going to present a really great essay?”, “Will I pass the class?” But, not everything had been unfavorable on my writing experience. Although of all these dissection, I have accomplished great things as well. For instance, I learned more about myself; I have learned things I needed to improve and change on my writing, and about my fears. Additionally, I have noticed tremendous progress on my writing skills, that is, I write much faster now, therefore, I get better papers and grades. As a result, I

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