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Le Nguyen Anh Tuan L9926544 Response to Wanda Williams's ideas in "Communication Breakdown" Living in this technological era, people are using high technology devices to remain in contact with others. Those devices play a vital role in people's lives, and the development of technology and social media has changed the forms of communication. The growth does not only have positive effects, but also has negative effects on communication. Wanda Williams, in "Communication Breakdown" published in the London Telegraph on 15 August 2011, submits that communication is being eroded and some of human most valuable skills are being lost by technology. This essay will critically respond to her arguments. Two of the arguments that Wanda Williams gives are that people are writing less meaningfully and academically; and young peoples' verbal, social skills and ability to read and absorb a long, complicated text are harmed. Williams explains that in the past, people would spend hours, even days on writing letters, full of meaningful discourse and communication, but now young people do not think about what they are writing, they simply exchange meaningless sentences and their ability to write academically is suffering. The author also states that the young generation finds it more difficult to understand and process a complex text; and they become unable to deal with simple social interactions necessary to advance their careers. First, the writer fails to convince the reader that people are using less meaningful and academic writing because of using email or social networks. First of all, by using modern technology, it will be less difficult for learning. For example, now, university students are usually able to take notes extremely fast, faster than in the past because they use the features of mobile phones such as taking pictures, recording what the teachers say to listen

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