Video Case Assignment 2

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Video Case Assignment #2 Questions Questions: 1. a. Some advantages of an online survey of a cross section of Internet households are lower costs, instant results, instant updates, and better responses. The disadvantages are that not all households have Internet access, if the survey is sent via email, it may be considered junk mail. Also, some people just fill out the surveys to get the promotional offer and will just fill out anything. The disadvantages in not being able to reach as many individuals due to lack of internet or lack of email accessibility, provides major negative impacts for research. b. Facebook: Since it is social media, people get on there for other reasons. The people that fill out the Facebook surveys actually know the products, they aren’t just completing for the free stuff, and the information doesn’t get lost in spam emails. Some disadvantages of surveys are the broad consumer base risk. There are no new consumers as part of the survey. 2 a. On Facebook, “engagement” shows how active the audience is with specific brands. (Comments, replying, etc.) “likes” measures the about of new likers of a brand. b. Carmex: engagements are more important than likes because you can have people “like” pages with promotions without any knowledge of the product or true interest to ever purchase the products. A lot of ‘likes can provide inaccurate information due to the amount of individuals that simply click it without reading. 3 a. Engagement: Connecting to the Facebook audience by posting quality content daily that might attract consumers and gives them an opportunity to engage. It is important to make sure the opinions of brand’s Facebook audience are always heard as it helps improve the brand as well. The audience will feel heard and continue to provide feedback. b. Consumers will like a page to receive coupons, freebies, information on
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