My Life As A Writer

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Rebecca Laessig My Life as a Writer I don't consider myself to be the greatest writer. My grammar has a lot to be improved upon and I always seem to be at a loss for words. with that said, writing is a bit of a challenge for me. I don't hate writing, but I don't necessarily enjoy it either. in my paper, I will write about my accomplishments, routine writings, and major strengths and how they help develop my writing skills today. All of the accomplished writing I produced came from papers I had to turn in for class. Some of them were research, others opinion, or reviews on books I had to read. The research papers were generally the hardest. These papers took the most effort, time, and reviewing. I generally did well on essays considering the impact they usually had on my grade. I consider most papers I turn in for class as accomplishments because, even though I don't enjoy writing, I have never had a terrible paper turned in. I don't really have any routine writing. the most I would consider is the occasional letter I write to my friend in Massachusetts. The letters are about two to three pages long. when writing those letters, I am generally not concerned with my grammar or spelling mistakes. My letter writing is usually sounds exactly how I speak. It's never hard to understand but I am sure it would not be essay material. Comparatively, my writing weaknesses are greater than my writing strengths. Like I said before, I don't really enjoy writing so I am not the best writer. I do try when it counts. I make sure that at least my sentences are easily read and I try to avoid run-ons. I feel I could use a lot of improvement particularly in grammar and my vocabulary. I am hoping through this class my weakness list will lessen as my strengths increase. Overall, writing is nor my forte. I would really like to improve so my essays and other important papers become

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