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September 27, 2011 Dear Dr. Brigg, After writing my essay on the Myers-Briggs test, the portion I believe to succeed in my essay was providing solid examples in my life to relate to the four letter code that I had received from the test. The other successful portion in my essay was the explanation and difference of the letters for each personality trait. I believe that my essay showed that I had an obvious understanding of what the Myers-Briggs test was and how it helped confirm my personality and career preference. When I completed my essay, I was eager to improve my paper and fix any errors. The way I improved my paper was taking my instructors constructive criticism and making the necessary corrections, to the best of my ability. I had obvious problems with the comma usage, dangling modifiers, and it was no question that I have to improve my vocabulary. Referring back to the text book and using the Thesaurus definitely helped me make the best revisions that I can make. The most challenging part of this assignment for me was to expand the use of my vocabulary. I know a lot of words; I just don’t use them in my everyday conversation, thus making it more difficult to incorporate in my essay. The other parts I was dissatisfied with were my introduction and conclusion. After the revision of my paper I noticed they needed tremendous work. Therefore, I completely changed the introduction and conclusion completely to better fit my essay. Sincerely, Kimberly

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