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Talk about your own process of writing as it compares to the process we have learned this session. The process of writing that I use is first prewriting. First I sit and decide on a topic to write about. Second I consider my audience thinking about who will be reading my written work. Third I think of ideas about the subject that I will be writing about and do research on the topic. The next step I take when writing is then drafting my ideas and research into my own words from all the information that I gathered, And then I read what I wrote several times to not only make sure it makes sense but also to make sure there aren’t any errors and I also ask others to read my work. The next part of my writing process is revising my work by rereading…show more content…
Second I select the topic that I will be researching and then refer back to my textbook and other research books to gain information and details. I also use the internet to gain current information on the topic since the internet is always being updated. I then refer to my instructor’s assignment or instructions to make sure I researched the best information for the assignment and/or project. Once I have gained all the information I need I collect the information to make citations, which is something you never want to forget. I would also go through my information to make sure I didn’t have information that repeated itself. I would then pre-write, draft, revise and proofread my work and then turn in my assignment and/or…show more content…
The writing process is much faster than hand writing. Making corrections and editing your essay is much easier on the computer. While writing Microsoft Word automatically corrects minor spelling errors and capitalizes words for you. By typing on a computer you can get all of your ideas onto your page without having to be distracted by grammar and punctuation because the word processor will fix your mistakes or underline your mistakes so you can correct them. I also like that you can highlight and move sentences and paragraphs in a way that you cannot do on paper. The downside to becoming so used to the computer working for you is when the computer misses your mistakes. The word processing software is not perfect and often misses mistakes that we over look and assume have been corrected. Another problem is when you are writing on paper and use improper grammar and misspell words there is nothing there to remind you of your mistakes but yourself. Whenever I write by hand I have to think a lot harder about how to spell certain words. I notice that my friends also do the same thing and we have to ask each other how words are spelt or if sentences make sense. We have become sort of dependent on word processing. Because of technology my writing has gotten more informal and it's easier to write in a personal or informal tone. Because I use technology so much to communicate to friends and family it is

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