Reflective Journal My Approach to Writing

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My first and foremost goal for this course is to get an excellent grade. I made this my goal because this course is the beginning of my academic success and I want that hope to stay alive. My second goal is to be able to write well articulated, structured, organized and detailed academic papers so that I can be a confident and competent writer. I am planning to achieve these goals through reading more relevant books, preparing well for my class, completing all my assignments timely in a quality oriented manner, using all the available materials and tutors and asking for advice from my professor. From my acquired writing skill I expect to write effective research papers during my university stay. I am going to study accounting and hoping to be a certified public accountant and I expect to use my writing skill to communicate professionally. In my personal life I plan to use my writing skill to communicate effectively with families and friends through email and social media. I set my goals for writing an academic paper by knowing what I am writing, why I am writing and whom I am writing to. After answering all those questions I will be reading a lot about that specific area and take notes, interview people who have knowledge about what I am writing, do a research about it and above all get advice from my professor. Writing is a lifelong practice and it can be a challenge for someone who just starts to learn about it. I believe the biggest challenge for me will be to understand what the audience expects from my paper and adjust the content

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