English 101 Feature Essay

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Feature Article PURPOSE As you move through the assignment sequence of English 101, you are asked to draw from different sources to gain material for your writing. The personal narrative asked you to draw from you own experience and to write from a first person point of view. This second assignment, a feature article, asks you to draw primarily from your own observations and from a source outside yourself—another person. For this project you will choose a place, organization, or event at West Virginia University or within Morgantown. You might look closely at a particular place (e.g. the stadium, the farmer’s market, the library), or you might look carefully at a particular organization or group (e.g. the WVU band, a student organization…show more content…
The works cited page should include your interview(s) and any other outside source(s). You also need to use in-text citations whenever you quote or get information from your outside sources. Your handbook provides guidance on how to do this effectively, ethically, and correctly. EXAMPLES Your instructor will help you to distinguish feature articles from other types of articles. You’ll be looking at some feature articles in class, and there are student essay examples in this book. You can also look in your own magazines for feature articles. Pay attention to the way the authors of these articles describe people and places, work in quotations, and capture and keep the audience’s attention. ORGANIZATION, GENRE, AND AUDIENCE As you prepare to write your article, you will also find an ideal place of publication for your work. What magazine, newspaper, or website would be the very best place to publish your article? Then, what are the genre conventions of this venue? What is the style of writing, the tone of the publication, the layout of its articles, and so on? Can you use the first-person voice when writing? You will be expected to make observations about this venue, and then shape your article to fit this
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