Senior Portfolio Essay

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Senior Portfolio Guidelines The senior portfolio must include the following: * A resume * A resume cover letter * A completed college application or vocational school application * A completed job application that may be done online, but must be printed out * An updated transcript * An evaluation from counselor/graduation check * Senior advisor check list (This comes from an English IV teacher) * Goal setting document In addition, the portfolio includes:AN AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL JOURNEYThe Autobiographical Journey is the story of your life. It may be in written form, or in a multi media design. If it is written, it must be 250-1000 words in length and in MLA format.Each student may present the Autobiographical Journey as a multi…show more content…
The discussion should include why you like the book, why the theme is relevant to you and others, why others should read the book and what you learned from the book. Use examples to support your opinion LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATIONTwo letters of recommendation from a teacher, a mentor or coach, or the community service supervisorTHE RESEARCH PROJECTThe project is career/ job/ trade focused. The student will research his/her future employment answering the following: * Why did you choose this career/trade * What schooling, certification or credential is required * How long does it take to become a professional in the field * What are requirements for the field (tests…) * Interview someone in the field The research paper on the career/trade will be 3-5 pp. not including title page, bibliography, or outline.THE PRESENTATIONYour presentation can be a digital, multimedia presentation or the traditional presentation.No partners allowed for research projects/presentations.COMMUNITY SERVICE REFLECTIONWhile the community service reflection is no longer included in the senior portfolio, your experiences with your community service need to be included in either your Autobiographical Journey
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