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Experiences as a Writer Christina Jacks October 10, 2012 Professor Stone My Experience as a Writer: Writing is one of the ways that we interpret our thoughts to other people. Writing isn’t something one is born with; it’s something that actually has to be skilled. I started writing at the age of four; my teachers educated me how to write my name over and over again until I could write it with no blunders. All through elementary school, I was taught to put together words to form sentences and also how to create paragraphs using those sentences. Therefore, during middle school and High school I was able to use what I learned in my previous years to write paragraphs, essays and research papers. As an administrative assistant it is important that I know and use every writing strategy that there is. Every week my company holds an executive meeting and it is my duty to take meeting minutes. Writing meeting minutes is a headache but is an essential duty and it is essential that the minutes are written effectively. I’ve had an experience in which the minutes I took weren’t written effectively, therefore everyone ended up going in different directions & then had to meet again for the same original purpose. Whereas if the meeting minutes are written well, everyone gets the same notes and are all on the same page. Everything that I’ve learned in school and even on my job has helped me in my adult life to be able to write resumes, cover letters, applications, etc. Even in my personal life as a mom, everyday my son comes to me for pen and paper. Because He’s only 23 months, He scribbles all over the paper but I still feel that it’s my obligation as a parent to take his hand and guide him. As I previously mentioned…writing is something that has to be skilled and not everyone will master it. Therefore I am currently enrolled in an English college course;
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