Learning Activity: the Writing Process

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Learning Activity: The Writing Process YOUR NAME HERE American Sentinel University Learning Activity: The Writing Process (1) Discuss the steps needed to effectively write an essay. Name all the steps illustrated in your text or research, discuss each thoroughly and explain the importance of each. Be sure to identify the purpose and need for each step in your paper. According to “Successful College Writing” by Kathleen T. Mcwhorter, the writing process is made up of five parts; Prewriting to Find and Focus Ideas, Developing and Supporting Your Thesis, Drafting Your Essay, Revising Your Essay, and Editing and Proofreading Your Essay (Figure 6.1 pg. 116) The first step, “Prewriting to Find and Focus Ideas”, is where the writer decides on a topic on which to write about. The writer will also narrow the topic to avoid producing an essay that covers too broad a material with not enough specific information. The aurthor will need to determine an audience and point of view during this stage of the writing process. All of this together is part of the writing process and gives the writer direction and fosters creativity. After one has completed the prewriting process they should begin developing their thesis statement. This is accomplished by grouping related ideas and evaluating those groupings. There is also still time do additional prewriting in order to fill any gaps or add more sustenance to the material. The writer will also need to write his/her thesis statement and decide where to place that statement within the essay. Once they are done developing a thesis it still needs to be supported with relevant evidence. This evidence should be detailed, specific, and accurate. The last three steps are drafting, revising, and editing/proofreading your essay. Drafting involves organizing the supporting details into effective paragraphs. Errors made during

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