Kurt Vonnegut Rhetorical Analysis

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Introduction Writing essay is not easy thing to do. Selecting an appropriate topic, making an outline, organizing every sentences and paragraphs become unity and coherence are not enough to produce an essay inasmuch as writers have to be able to narrate and describe their argument, experience and knowledge in their writing in which it can attract the readers to take a look, enjoy their writing and feel satisfied when they finish reading the essay. For some cases, some writers narrate and describe their arguments, experience and knowledge even fact in an essay by offering something special with those things in order to attract and make the readers become satisfied with the essay. Unfortunately, something special in an essay , it can be special…show more content…
According to Vonnegut , you should fine the subject that you care about In which you in your heart feel other should be care about. This is natural caring which will be the most interesting and teased element; don’t ramble, we may not discuss too widespread because it will make a paragraph out of focus; keep it simple, use simple language in order to the reader easy to understand what you mean; have guts to cut, If a sentence no matter how excellent, don’t afraid to scratch the sentence out if it doesn’t support the subject that you talk about; sound like yourself, no matter what your first language you should treasure it all your life; say what you mean to say, select the most effective words ,and relating words to one another unambiguously; pity the reader , they have to be able to identify thousand of little mark paper and make sense of them immediately; In addition , there are several elements are considered in order to make style in writing , they are :…show more content…
In this syntax you can include more than one two clauses and one of them will be the major sentence while the other will be the subordinate clause. Form Of The Sentence After the selection of the syntax you can go for the forms of the sentence, in which the writer has to decide about the density of the sentence. The starting of the sentences can be the choice of the writer like the writer can select it from the phrases like, for instance, moreover, furthermore and many other. Another important thing is that the link between the two sentences should be also maintained so that the reader gets no confusion during reading. Diction After deciding the structure and the other related norms of writing the sentence, the next step should be the diction. Diction is in fact the writing style of the writer, which sometimes also depicts the mood of the writer. The writer can use the narrative tone, the descriptive tone, and any other style. But some of the major things that should be considered in writing the effective writing include clear thoughts and concrete abstract concepts. Mixing and intermingling, the text can make the reader confused and overall the image of the writing is conveyed as

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