Yosemite Mon Amour Analysis

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ENG. 105 9/14/2011 What? Yosemite Mon Amour was a story about author “Jon Krakhauer’s” experiences during a vacation to Yosemite for a rock climbing trip. At first glance, I felt the story was too long and had a lot of un needed material. However, as I learn to write better I am starting to see why the author uses so many stories and many large words to get his point across. If the author did not go into detail about what he was writing about someone might not get the point that he was trying to get across. After reading Yosemite Mon Amour, numerous times I begin to have a clear understanding of why there is so much detail in the story. I felt that the essay was to long because of many stories that the author had written. At the time of first reading this story it seemed as though the author was jumping around and I had a hard time following where he was going with the story this started right from the first paragraph I had no idea why the author was describing Toyotas, and Winnebago’s and then jumping into describing rain. The next few paragraphs began to make it clear to me that the…show more content…
I have more of a respect for “Jon Krakhauer” than I did when I first read this story. His attention to detail is a good thing where as I saw it as a bad thing. I need to use more large words and add more stories to my essays so as a writer I respect him and can see that he is a good writer. After writing my own essays, I can see now that it is not easy but to put, as much detail as he did into his essay would be a truly difficult thing for me. Also using many large words in the way that he did to support his ideas, and make his points is not easy. I will use this essay in the future as an example of what a good essay should look like and try to be more like “Jon Krakhauer” when using large words and stories in my

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