My First Year in the Esl Class.

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This is my first year in the ESL class of Essex County College. I have learned many things in my ESL 103/104 class. But there are things I`ve done well and wrong. Also I would like to evaluate this year in terms of how I improved my English skills (speaking, writing, reading and listening). Most of the things I've done well in this class. One of the things I've done well is to do all my assignments. I can say that it helped me a lot to get a good grade in this class for this semester. Also I have done my reading and writing tasks for myself and tried to do everything right on my own. In conclusion, do what the teacher assigned me really helped me to get a good grade. As well as I got good things there are also things I've done wrong in this class. One of the things I've done wrong is to be late to class and not get all the information that the teacher has given us. This under a bit of my grade as attendance and being on time are also part of the grade. Also does not participate in class is something I've done wrong because this helps you a lot to get a good grade. In short, things I did wrong in the ESL 103/104 class have had their consequences because they all affect a bit of my grade. Also thanks to this class I have improved my skills in my English. First I have learned many vocabulary words that I never before had seen. Also thanks to the novel I had read I improved a lot my reading. I can say that my writing has improved a lot thanks to the work of writing that our ESL teacher sent us. In short, I have improved my English skills. In conclusion, this first year in Essex has helped me to realize how it actually is college. I have also learned that I have done bad and good things in this first year of college. In my opinion I have learned a lot from

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