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Self- evaluation of informative speech Four keys to listenability are: strategy, structure, support and style. I did this evaluation based these keys. Strengths: a. I find that I was good at establishing credibility with solid documentation. I used sufficient support to back up my main arguments. b. I choose topics I’m interested in so I can have enthusiasm both when doing research for my speech and when delivering speech. c. My chosen topic was appropriate for my audience and occasion and the informative purpose of my speech was apparent since I mentioned it at the beginning of my speech. d. I showed relevance of my topic to my audience through introduction. e. I took some time to define and explain difficult concepts like “Media Hoax”, “payola”. Weaknesses: a. My eyes were stuck to my notes more than I’d like, thus I made few eye contact. b. I do not practice enough. c. I need to increase my use of personal pronouns, like we, us and you to make a stronger audience connection. Don’t lose my audience. d. I didn’t clearly cite my research sources although I wrote them all in my outline. e. I paused quite a long time when I was listing examples to support my first main point, and instead of trying to recall it by myself, I was busy trying to find hint from my note card and became flurried when I didn’t find it. f. Structuring my speech is my headache: transition need to be improved to better relate my main points, and part of reason that my speech wasn’t so easy to follow was due to improper transition. g. My notes didn’t effectively support me while speaking because I always wanted to refer to my notes even though I knew what to talk next. Opportunities: a. Build confidence through practicing. b. Join campus speaker’s club. c. I realize it’s time to research controversies in different kinds of mass

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