Com150: A Process Analysis Of My Career

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Process Analysis Devonta Thompson COMM150: Research and Writing Ms.Butler December 20, 2012 When I first started my classes initial thoughts on my career choice was that my career path was the right one for me. The reason being is that I realized at a young age that I would work better if I worked for myself; so I started up my own photography company. The decision to own my own business was as clear as black and white, what I mean by that is that I had no doubts that I would work better telling others what to do verse someone else telling me what to do. Plus my career path fits my personality; simply because I love women I work with them all day; I enjoy running my mouth and all do is run my mouth either to close a deal or convince…show more content…
Plus before taking COMM 150 I took ENG 101, so I was already a head of the game going into COMM 150. Yes I do feel after taking COMM 150 that have the appropriate research sources, since ONET was very useful in researching the finer points of my career. The way it influenced my evaluation of the four information sources I used to cite my professional plan assignment was that it made the research easier to retrieve, so I spent less time on looking up sources so I had more time to type up a well written paper to hand in. I would like to have more sources for future papers so that I can get more point of views on my career choice. Having more research sources will also make me more satisfied with my work, and I will not stress whether the paper if up to my standards as well as the…show more content…
Since the way I approach my research it helps cover a lot of ground in limited amount of time giving me time to focus on other issues in my life like work and my kids. I am also able to do multiple assignments in a short amount of time so that I can finish them on time, hand them in and receive a good grade on the assignment. The way COMM 150 has affected the way I think about academic integrity and giving the proper credit to the ideas of others is that those people are helping me by publishing their work, so they deserve the credit for doing the hard labor that I did not have to do. What I mean by that is if I put in the time and hard work to put together something and someone else used my work and did not acknowledge me as being a help source I would get frustrated and upset. So I have no problem giving credit to where credit is due. All in all COMM 150 has been helpful to my academic career, but more so the teacher. I believe without COMM 150 I would still be trying to Wikipedia for my research assignments and receive a low grade on my papers. So I am truly thankful for all the annoying assignments I had to complete. I also look forward to doing more papers in the future on my career and other things; since the more knowledge you have the better off you will be in

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