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Kendall Palmer Professor Abbott English 0099 16 November 2012 Self Reflective Memo As a student of English 0099 I have dramatically improved my writing skills. I learned things from grammar, to how to write my thoughts down on paper. I learned how to change my writing process based on the guidelines of the assignment that I was given. I am good at knowing how to explain the points that I am trying to tell the audience. When I look at what I need to focus on, I still need grammar work. Sometimes, I use the wrong tense of a word and I will go back to read it and realize that the meaning is opposite of what was intended. I found out that when I do that I need to make sure that I correct it so I do not distract my reader. I will continue to read my paper and look for mistakes over and over again until I feel confident in the draft. Though I know there are still some mistakes in my final draft I feel good about them typically. Another point in my writing that I need to focus on is, putting all my arguments into my paper. I always write down good examples or facts but, sometimes leave extra details that would enhance the body and meanings of my papers. What I do well in is going back to revise and putting the key details into my paper and making the paper stronger. Overall my experience in English 0099 has strengthened my writing capabilities. I was able to produce good drafts and have adequate time to make corrections for a final draft. When I had time away from one essay and came back to it one or two weeks later I felt it helped me make a better revised paper. I feel as this technique will be something that I continue throughout English

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