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The dissertation process has been an important journey for me in which I have developed my independent learning. It has, however, been challenging at times. It has been a time consuming process needing much focus and commitment. At first, I thought everything would be straightforward and that I could manage my time, but it was hard to juggle between my part-time work and family commitments. In order to prioritise the dissertation, I took a short period of time out from work and held back from family events. To keep myself on track I constructed action plans. At the beginning of each week I would make a daily plan of what I hoped to achieve and how I would do it. I then ticked off each task as achieved. This helped me achieve smaller goals…show more content…
This at first felt overwhelming. My tutor gave me some targeted references and I also asked the library staff for support in accessing the information I required. I learnt that asking for help can be a good thing. The information itself needed to be interpreted which required critical and analytical skills. I kept having to return to my initial question to avoid missing the point. At times I felt that I was not getting anywhere. I now understand that this is all part of doing research and, over time, I discovered some interesting themes. Writing up the dissertation was also a challenge. I had to disregard a lot of information that was not entirely relevant to my research question. Also at times the content was vague, and the ideas did not always follow logically. I used Study Support to develop my writing skills, but wished I had approached them for help at an earlier stage, as this would have saved me a considerable amount of stress. To conclude, the dissertation assignment has improved my confidence in my ability, through producing a lengthy piece of work. I feel it has effectively concluded the academic phase, and I am excited and motivated by the prospect of getting a job in the fashion

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