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Writing as an Extravert My personality according to Myers-Briggs is ESTJ. Each letter with a different meaning to describe me in the best way possible. For example, E stands for extravert, which can show up best in my writing when I experience the event I am telling to the reader. S for me is closely related to my innate ability to write a essays that have a set standard. T really takes hold in the beginning of my writing mostly in my introductions. J shows up by my persistence to set manageable goals that are obtainable. A few more strong points of my writing are coming up with ideas and I do that best by talking through it or brainstorming with my peers. Each one of my letters in my personality effects my writing, and I like many had never thought of that possibility until now. Ill start with my first personality indicator which is E, or extravert. I tend to leap into writing with little planning or outline, and once I start it just starts to flow. Most essays I write seem really good at first, but when I reread or have someone else read it seems choppy and not as good as I once thought. One revision skill that really helps me, is having others revise and get their opinions on my material. Once I get feedback, I keep the same general idea, but I go deeper and make it better by adding more details and better word choice. One problem I have that can be closely related to being an extravert is I typically have too many ideas and have trouble choosing what to write. My ideas are there and when it comes time to write it seems to vanish. Being an extravert has its advantages and I guess is better than being an introvert, sorry to you introverts. My second personality coding according to Myers-Briggs is S, or sensing. One style of my writing that can be closely related to sensing, is I tend to prefer a set standard for the essay with a strict

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