My Brother and My Sister Essay

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Writing III Prof. Helena Holmes Sigrid A. Compare / Contrast Essay My Brother and My Sister My brother and my sister are great people, but I prefer my brother more than my sister. Seeing them together you would think that they are not related at all. But after knowing them for a long time you would see that they have some things in common as well as many things different about them. My brother is a nice guy, very calm, and he is a very understanding person. My sister is the total opposite of that. She is mean, agitated and a very intolerant person. My brother is very supportive in anything I choose to do with my life. He is always the person that I can ask for help whenever I need to, the person that I can talk about anything and will always support me. I have never had a problem talking to him about anything. When I decided to leave Peru to come to the United States of America, my brother backed me up, he offered to take me to the airport, and he even offered to help me financially if I needed to. On the other hand, my sister was against it. She felt like I was just running away from my family and didn’t want to be with them anymore. She thought that I was being selfish and was just thinking about myself. I have never been able to speak to my sister about anything. Another difference between my brother and my sister, is that my brother tends to be very calm even in bad situations, he always tries to find a solution before asking for help or calling someone. One day, when I was around 7 years old, I was playing with my sister monopoly in the living room, my parents weren’t home, because they went to the movies, and since I was the oldest kid, I was taking care of my brother and sister that night. I started to feel a little hungry and went to the kitchen to
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