The House of Dies Drear Film and Book Copmarision

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The House of Dies Drear Do you like the thought of ghost living in your house or someone else's house? What about trying to put the pieces together in a abstruseness like Sherlock Homes? If you do you would love the book or movie The House of Dies Drear. I went on a journey trying to find the differences in this amazing novel and star quality movie. I've got to say it wasn't easy trying to figure out which one I liked best, but I got to say I liked the film much more prominent then the novel. To see the action and adventure come to life was astonishing. Once you watch it though you see lots of differences from the novel and the film. You might see some from the characters or from something else. You will have to read it your self, but I will give you some differences to give you an idea of it. To get started we will start with the differences in the characters. First we have Thomas he is one of the main characters. He was fourteen, but in the movie he was around eleven. This is a boy who is all about abstruseness he is ready to find out about the Dies Drear abstruseness and what's going on about it. Mr.Small is the father to Thomas and his younger son. He moved out there for a job he got at a college. He's all about history and he's ready to learn all about it. Mrs.Small the mother of Thomas and the younger son. She wasn't so sure about the house when all that gruesome stuff was happening. Later on in the story she just wanted the people to go away and let them live in their house peacefully. The twins in the story are the brothers to Thomas and the children to Mr.Small and Mrs.Small. In the story they are two years old but, in the movie there's only one of them and he's around the age eight. Pesty is fifteen, but in the movie she's around twelve. She is the adopted kid to the Darrow family. She isn't like the other Darrows she

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