Horrors and Heroes

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Horrors and Heroes Entertainment, in any form, often has a deeper meaning than initially assumed. For instance, one might assume that an action movie would be a typical “guy movie.” Nobody would be surprised to see fights, cars, and explosions in an action movie, in fact, it would be expected. However, if the storyline of such a movie was about love, the viewer would be caught off guard. This twist is what makes any great movie entertaining; it keeps the viewer interested and wanting to see more. Two authors that discuss this method of giving deeper meanings to stories are Stephen King (in his essay “My Creature from the Black Lagoon) and Gloria Steinem (in her essay “Wonder Woman”). By comparing and contrasting the contents, styles, and purposes of King’s and Steinem’s essays, it is evident that both authors believe in this “never judge a book by its cover” attitude. Stephen King knows quite a bit about writing horror novels. After all, he has written over one- hundred books, many of those eventually being transformed into movies or television shows (p.582). In “My Creature from the Black Lagoon” King discusses his thoughts on horror films and challenges the reader to change their initial perception of the term “horror movie.” Most Americans think of a movie with lots of blood and monsters when they think about horror movies. However, King argues that a movie does not have to be about monsters, or even adult oriented, to be scary. King writes, “There are adults today, who, when questioned, will tell you that the most frightening thing they saw at the movies as children was Bambi’s father shot by the hunter, or Bambi and his mother running before the forest fire” (p.585). Any movie can technically be a horror movie if the viewer has terrifying feelings because of it, even Disney movies. King’s essay “My Creature from the Black Lagoon” is, overall, easy to

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