The Shipping News Book to Movie Comparison

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The Shipping News Book to Movie Comparison by T.J. Reagan What first comes to mind when you hear the phrase “shipping news”? To me, I would say news involving shipping most likely. However, in the words of E. Annie Proulx she thinks different. She brings in a new world to a desperate man in need of change and really changes it for the better. Yes, there are obstacles, and yes, there are some tough times, but the Shipping News not only saves the man's life but also makes one heck of a book. From it, she won the National Book Award. However, can we say Lasse Hallstrom would deserve the same award for his movie? The answer is no. The first and greatest difference we see right off is the difference of Quoyle between the book and the movie. In the book we see this submissive, resigned character, one constantly the object of cruelty. On the first page of the novel, the narrator says that he long learned to "separate his feelings from his life" (pg.1) ; in other words, he makes no effort to stave off others' insults and cruel behavior. At the newspaper office, he does not even feel hurt when others bellow names at him, and constantly insult his work. Any other person would be less likely to put up with an editor consistently firing him, but Quoyle endures others' disrespect as if he does not believe he deserves to be treated any better. He cries when he stains all of his laundry; he is not only a failure, but he is also resigned to his status as such. “Ah you lout,” said the father. But no pygmy himself. And brother Dick, the father's favorite, pretended to throw up when Quoyle came into a room, hissed, “Lardass, Snotface, Ugly Pig, Warthog, Stupid, Stinkbomb, Fart-tub, Greasebag,” pummeled and kicked until Quoyle curled. Hands over head, sniveling, on the linoleum. All stemmed from Quoyle's chief failure, a failure of normal appearance. (pg.2) Quoyle was a
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