Tthe Relationship Between Eliezer and His Father

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tThe Relationship between Eliezer and his Father Throughout the book Night, you can see the interactions taking place between Elie and his father, and how the dynamics between father and son change as the story goes along. The story takes place during the 1940s, during the World War 2 time period, and at various concentration camps. Elie and his father are devoted Jews and his father is a respected religious figure in the community. Like any normal father and son relationship, Elie is dependent on his father and seeks his approval. Elie mentions asking his father to find him a master to teach him Kabbalah, to which he replied, “you’re too young for that. Maimonides said it was only at thirty that one had the right to venture into the perilous world of mysticism. You must first study the basic subjects within your own understanding.” (Wiesel 4). As a reader, you begin to understand the traditional aspect of their relationship. But their relationship begins to transform when the German soldiers arrive to take them away to concentration camps. My hand tightened its grip on my father. I had one thought -- not to lose him. Not to be left alone (Wiesel 25). When Elie and his father arrived at Birkenau, and women and men were separated, we can see how Elie still instinctively relied on his father. Like a son seeking his father for some sort of guidance and protection. After marching to their destination, prisoners were being directed to different areas based on questions being asked by an officer by the name of Dr. Mengele. Elie still wanted to make sure that his father was chosen to go in the same area as he was. My father’s voice tore me from my daydreams: “What a shame, a shame that you did not go with your mother. ... I saw many children your age going with their mothers…” (Wiesel 28). This is one of the moments when Elie realizes his father’s love for him and the

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