The Outsiders Compare And Contrast Essay

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Emmanuel Minto December 11, 2012 Mrs. Seltzer Language Arts-104 Compare and Contrast Essay The Outsiders book by S.E Hinton were eventually made into a movie. They were so much alike because they both were very good from the start. Some things that happened in the book, although they didn’t happen in the movie. You could really tell in both the book and movie the friendship and love with some people. If you watched the movie and read the book you might think the same thing, you might not, but here are the reasons that I think the book is better even if the movie wasn’t that bad either. There was many similarities between the book and the movie. In the book and movie Johnny and Pony boy kill Bob and they run away to the…show more content…
There are the very rare movies in which they portray the book really well. I think that this movie is one of those. It's really close to how the book is, in regard to the character's appearances and the scenes that they show. All in all, I think that the book is a lot better, just because it has more of a background on the characters, and you get a better look at Pony boy's opinions on things. Of course, all books are more descriptive. What I liked about the movie is that they actually showed the dream Pony boy had and they also showed Dally robbing the grocery store; something the book doesn't tell. Both the book and the movie are great, and you should watch it, but the book is better. In conclusion as you can tell there are many differences, but there are also many things that are alike between the book and the movie. I enjoyed both the book and the movie, but personally I think the book was better, because the movie left some of the things out that the book had in it. It’s not really surprising to me that the book was better than the movie because I think that most of the time books are better than

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