Of Mice And Men Book And Movie Analysis

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Comparing “Of Mice and Men” Book and Movie Many times novels end up having a movie version to them, and these two are always quite similar to each other. The book always intends to have way more details than the movie does due to the time limit for movies. Authors are always forced to be more detailed because they want the reader to be able to picture the story in their head, while in movies that is already being done for the producer because it is a visual story. As stated on www.electronicreferences.com “John Steinbeck is the author of the novel Of Mice and Men. The film director of the reproduced Of Mice and Men movie is Gary Sinise. “ The movie "Of Mice and Men" had many differences but in the end they both offered the same morals and…show more content…
After Lennie was shot the guys show up and Curly and Carlson congratulate him, but in the movie it just ends right after George shoots Lennie. There were many differences between all the characters described in this story. The book displayed the relationship between George and Curley to be full of hatred. During the movie there was not much hatred displayed in the relationship between George and Curley, it just seemed like they did not get along very well but no hatred. Lennie was described as a huge monster in the book, so the thought was that he was completely out of the ordinary, but when I watched the movie Lennie was just big but he was not out of the ordinary. I felt that the movie was great and it was a lot better than the book. It made me understand things more than the book because it was a visual type of thing. It is horrible that their plan could not follow through and that George had to kill Lennie. The movie wasn’t as dramatic as the book, but I bet it still made an affect on different people. I would recommend this book to anyone because of the great

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