Death of a Salesman Movie Critique

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Death of a Salesman Movie Critique In many cases, when a book is produced into a film, the director may make a lot of changes that can take away from book. In the film, “Death of a Salesman” directed by Volker Schlondorff, there were barely any changes made. Watching the movie helped me to understand and grasp the characters personalities portrayed in the play by Arthur Miller. In the play Willy was described as a lost and confused salesman who struggled with his inner self. Dustin Hoffman played the character of Willy and he really captured Willy’s passion and relationships with everyone he encountered. I liked how Willy and Linda’s (played by Kate Reid) relationship was shown through the film. From watching the movie I was able to see how naïve Linda was and how she always made excuses for him. I was also able to see how aggressive Willy was towards Linda. My favorite scene of both the play and film was where Linda kept getting cut off by Willy and I felt it was very humorous. One difference I noticed is that the movie seemed to focus more on Willy losing his mind rather than his American Dream which was more the focus in the play. Another difference is I expected Willy to be bigger as expressed in the play. However, in the movie Willy was smaller. I had hoped the relationship between Biff, played by John Malkovich, and Willy was clearer. The movie did show the distance between the two characters but it didn’t really define their failures. I expected Howard, played by Jon Polito, to be a lot younger and smaller in the movie. He was the total opposite which was bigger and bigger. All in all, Schlondorff did a great job directing and the actors did an even better job showing the personalities and emotions of each

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