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Looper Movie Review In my own eyes I think Looper was a very good movie. Looper is a movie about a man working for a group of killers called ``Loopers``. They work for the mob killing people who are sent back in time from the year 2074. Joe (played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt) recognizes one of his victims as himself, the old Joe (played by Bruce Willis). To me, this movie deals with the problems with time travel. The best thing I like is when old Joe can feel and know what the younger Joe is about to do. This in my mind would give an advantage to the older Joe if they battle among each other. There were a couple of times where I noticed that the audience was really into the movie. For an example, when Cid (played by Pierce Gagnon) got shot by older Joe all the audience were at the edge of their seats saying in there head ``DON’T DO IT!!``. The only thing that I didn’t really like was the twist. On the bright side though it gets me thinking and guessing what’s going to happen throughout the movie and at the end of the movie. In my opinion it is a dense plot which explores several different ideas and concepts both personal and scientific. Bruce Willis is very good in this movie but I have seen this kind of performance from Bruce many of times before. Such as RED. In my opinion the chemistry between the young Joe and older Joe was great. It helped with the believability of both characters being one person in this movie. Emily Blunt as Sara, in my opinion was an actor who played her role very well. Sara adopts Cid, drops F-Bombs and looks very good and comfortable holding her shotgun. She really stood out from my point of view. The actor that really stood out to me was Pierce Gagnon (Cid). He was a young kid who played this role extremely well! Pierce and Gordon-Levitt had a couple really good scenes in the movie together. Overall this movie was a very

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