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Even though the 2010 depiction of Death at a Funeral is a close replica of the 2007 version, the later film surpassed its predecessor in all forms of entertainment. Both films were exceptionally funny and amusing, but the earlier adaptation did not demonstrate relatable content to remain as engaging and charming as the later. Mutually, the script, acting, and plot are virtually the same, but in all three categories there was just a little more pleasantry in the latest remake. Despite the characters name change in the 2010 version, you are able to categorize who represents what character from 2007. Starting with Chris Rock as Aaron, his portrayal of Daniel who was originally played by Matthew MacFadyen in the British version is a great clarification of the character. Aaron and Daniel are the main character whose father passes away leaving him to be the patriarch of the family. While both played the role with assurance, Rock as Aaron had more of a comedic flair than MacFadyen. As where MacFadyen played the role with a somber since of humor, Rock’s sarcasm and flippancy brought the part to a higher level. Rock’s portrayal is the way most people would react to the controlled chaos surrounding him. Adding to the chaos, the supporting casts are just as dissimilar. Both wives, brothers, cousins, mothers and remaining family had immense humor and worked together in a seamless re-enacted of what a family funeral would be. But in the end it is about connecting with the movie and the American version is what is most familiar. One thing that stands out is the role of the deceased father’s lover; this role was played by the same actor in both movies and he was just as funny in one as he was in the other. Peter Dinklage revised his role from 2007 and brought just as much hilarity and mirth in 2010. To summarize the plot of Death at a Funeral, It all begins

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