No Country For Old Men

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A Pavlovic ENG-2D Ms. Prasow Friday, December 18th 2009 No Country for Old Men In the novel No Country for Old Men there are many different factors then in the movie. The setting is told different than in the movie. Also the novel does a better way of demonstrating suspense then in the movie because in the novel it feels more real, and there is a lot more detail. Another factor that is different in the novel than in the movie is the style of English. In the novel the writing is older; in the movie it’s more present. The setting in the novel feels older than in the movie. Since the author chose to write with an old style of English, it makes us visualize the setting of the scene to be older. It says, “Most of the glass was shot out and the tires.” (p.12) This is when Llewyn Moss is at the drug deal and notices that the trucks are shot up. It is different because in the movie the glass isn’t shot up on the trucks, but instead they were covered in blood. Also while watching the movie we see that the site of the drug deal was not far into the desert. In the novel it says that Llewyn Moss is somewhere in the middle of nowhere, so you can see that they over exaggerated in the novel a bit. In the novel No Country for Old Men the author did a better job at creating suspense than in the movie. In the novel, suspense is demonstrated a lot more then in the movie because in the movie they don’t spend much time explaining how the characters are feeling at certain points. It says, “Heart pumping against the dust.” (p.111) This is when Chirgurh finds Llewyn for the first time and is standing in front of his door. It causes more suspense because in the movie they didn’t say that his heart was pumping which made us think that the situation is not as intense as shown in the novel. Also in the novel the author goes more into depth as how the characters

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