Action Movie Comparison (Critic)

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Batman vs. The Punisher Although two movies are based on the beginnings of superheroes, it doesn’t necessarily mean the outcome will please the audience equally. This is the case between the movies The Punisher and Batman Begins, because The Punisher doesn’t give as much to offer in comparison to Batman Begins. These two movies basically talk about the same thing, the birth of a superhero. The Punisher, however, seems to lack some important details that help a movie be of good quality. Batman Begins is better than The Punisher because of the character development, the number of villains introduced, and because of the variety of locations the movie is shot at. Character development is something that can be distinguished more in Batman Begins than in The Punisher. Batman Begins shows a more in depth coverage of the actual life and transformation of an every day civilian to a superhero. To accomplish this, more information was given on whom Bruce Wayne (Batman) was and what he had to go through. It was not the same case with Frank Castle’s (The Punisher) character. Batman Begins introduces Bruce Wayne as a prisoner in a prison camp in an unknown nation experiencing brutal treatment. He is rescued from here by a man that becomes his mentor, teaches him the arts of sword fighting, mind control and tries to make him a member of the “League of Shadows”. It is later shown how his mentor helps him become aware of his fears and how he realizes he needs to do something to overcome them. In doing so he starts to develop “Batman”. At this point in the movie it is meticulously shown how he does so. They show the discovery of what will later be known as the bat-cave, the planning of the bat-suit, and how he got the Bat-mobile and his weaponry. Whereas in The Punisher, not as much detail is shown when it comes to the development of the character. It does mention
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