A Patch of Blue

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‘A Patch of Blue’ Essay The book version of ‘A Patch of Blue’ is much more powerful, informative and overall, much better. There are many reasons why it is better, such as, the alternate endings, the detail of the book, and also the way the book shows tolerance, these reasons and more are talked of in more detail, in the following paragraphs. ‘A Patch of Blue’ is ‘a poignant story of love and anguish’, as it is described on the front cover, which is true. Although the film version was poignant, the alternate ending to the book was not as emotional or moving. The alternate ending to the book was a ‘happily ever after’ approach which did not express how Selena felt as she realised that she was just as bad and just as intolerant as her mother, Roseann. The second reason why the book version of ‘A Patch of Blue’ is better than the film is because it is much more detailed in the way that it’s written which makes reading the book and understanding the text much easier than just seeing a picture on a screen and not knowing everything you want to know about the characters, or the plot. ‘Black, I know because it is all I ever see. I love blue. I like red. Black, I hate. I hate everything black.’ - This line in the book is an effective one because it shows that she has a lot of hatred for black, and we are always reminded of the fact that she hates black throughout the book. Whereas in the movie it didn’t feel that she hated black that much. Another reason why the book version of ‘A Patch of Blue’ is better than the film is because the element of surprise when we discover that Gordon is a black man is not there when we watch the film, because we know he is black from the first moment he is shown on screen. The theme of ‘A Patch of Blue’ was tolerance, and the book portrayed that theme more effectively than the film, because it showed how people can be so

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