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Different Settings As you could imagine things have changed drastically in the United States since the World War I time era. The impact on a family in the current time era to have a family member in the current war is much different than the impact on a family with a family member in World War I. The setting of “A Soldiers Home” makes it easy for the reader to comprehend the actions and feelings of Krebs, his parents, and younger sibling. Newly returned home from World War I, Krebs after war experiences, attitudes, and demeanor reflect the impact World War I had on him. Unlike a young man returning home from the current war the expectations, rules, and surroundings are much different for Krebs. In 1919, which is close to the…show more content…
Relationships between parents and their children in the current era vary. Abusive, very open, strict, and unwanted, are a few of the many types of relationships now days between parents and children. In the World War I era things were quite traditional as far as parent children relationships. In Krebs case it was the traditional type of relationship with his parents. Krebs seemed to have a very caring mother and father. Although Krebs’s father is only mentioned a couple times throughout the story you can somewhat tell his intentions towards Krebs when he agrees to let him take the family car. The incident between Krebs and his mother in the story proves that his mother wants the best for Krebs and is very encouraging, although the conversation results in his mother crying she still continues to accept his apology and encouraging him. As you could imagine being a parent in this era was completely different as far as the methods of discipline, encouragement, and so…show more content…
During the World War I era girls were much more proper and disciplined than now days. Helens respect and love for Krebs is hardly talked about in the story although there is no doubt has a lot of both feelings towards Krebs. Although Krebs doesn’t receive the homecoming as a soldier that he thought he would Helen is there to tell and show how proud of him she is. Helens choice to invite her brother to her softball game is one of the signs of how much she looks up to Krebs and wants his involvement in her life. Krebs being the only other sibling of Helen make a huge impact on there relationship. During the World War I era because there was no video games, go kart tracks or extravagant theme parks to enjoy as a kid, you could only imagine how much time to two spent entertaining each other and how much stronger there bond grew due to

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