Is the Awakening a Feminist Text?

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LIT 202-099 WB Spring 2013 Due: February 10 Is The Awakening a Feminist text? During the 19th Century, where the story of ‘The Awakening’ was taken place in, men still had rights and power. Yet, women in other hand just started to think of gaining power and rights just to become as equal as men do. The women’s movement towards freedom rights was an extensive and exhausting battle, and still there are some places that don’t allow women’s right yet in this time period. But this ‘The Awakening’ was a great supporter during the Women’s Movement. At the time where Edna was living in, women’s job was to support her husband, must have a child, and be a good understanding mother who won’t disrespect her husband or any other ‘men’. Men on the other hand were to be the provider of the family and a leader of the group. As in ‘The Awakening’, I think Leone was not a great husband. Even though he loves Edna and his sons, I don’t think he is considered as a good husband since he knows very few about Edna’s true feeling. I think this because he spends slight time with them, and leaves the family behind and goes out saying that he is always busy and has to go away for business or spends more time with his friends. As my point of view, I think it is not fair for a guy to treat a wife or his family like this and it seems like he is just a selfish person to me. Since marriage during that time of period was very harsh for women I think she was able to survive by meeting people. The time period where Edna was living was in a very strict condition for the women, especially for house wives. During this time women/wives must act upon every order what the men/husbands says or tells her since it was still the time period that women didn’t have their own Rights. Edna was unsatisfied with her life because nothing worked out right or didn’t work the way she wanted. She was trapped in

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