Reception of Vietnam War Soldiers

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Returning Vietnam soldiers were greeted home in a very different manner when compared to how the soldiers returning from World War II were accepted. World War II veterans were welcomed with joy and in open arms while Vietnam soldiers were not welcomed warmly. There are many reasons as to why the drastic difference in coming home was prevalent. One major reason is the roots to the war. Both wars can be compared to uncover the variances and their explanations as to why the American public reacted in the manner that they did. World War II soldiers were welcomed home in a very joyous manner. There were many parades to celebrate the returning soldiers on VE Day. These soldiers had the backing of the American people and were never treated negatively. They were well-respected and looked up to as heroes. Ever since coming home from the war, World War II soldiers had a life of ease and joy. When the second World War concluded, there was a huge baby boom in which babies were being born at an astronomical pace. This comes to show that men settled in to American society and were living a good life after the war. Also, former soldiers could use their involvement in the war into beneficial use. When they applied for a job, war veterans had the upper-hand of acquiring that certain job simply because they were in the war. The title of ‘War Veteran’ served to be useful to returning soldiers. To go along, war veterans did not have any difficulties finding a job. World War II returning soldiers came home to find celebrations and overall positive vibes about their home coming from the war. For the Vietnam War soldiers, their reception coming home was completely different. Unlike the World War II soldiers, Vietnam War veterans were welcomed back home very negatively. Often times, they were spit on. They were not looked up to. They were, however, looked down upon. Vietnam War
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