Why Did I Get Married

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Why Did I Get Married Final Paper Why Did I Get Married was written, directed and produced by Tyler Perry in 2007. The major stars in the movie were Tyler Perry, Janet Jackson and Jill Scott. This was a film inspired by the 2005 Why Did I Get Married play. This movie was about hardships such as commitment and betrayal, that many couples face today trying to maintain a relationship. Over the course of a week, four couples and one outside friend attended their yearly Colorado vacation in hopes of working out the kinks in their relationships; however, one couple in particular took the spotlight with a major infidelity scandal. 1. Identity Scripts According to Looking Out, Looking In, Identity Scripts are our rules for living and identity. They define our roles and how we are to play them (Adler, 2005, p. 172). At the beginning of Why Did I Get Married, Sheila, played by Jill Scott, viewed her relationship as something she could not do without. She felt God gave her this relationship and it was her duty to make it work, whether it was good or bad. It was extremely evident that Sheila loved her husband with all her heart. Although he said terrible things to her and about her, she never spoke unkindly of him. Actually, she often took up for the hurtful comments he said about her by brushing them off or joking. In addition, Sheila tuned out all of the red flags that had occurred in her relationship. For example, her husband’s relationship was closer to her [Sheila’s] best friend than her [Sheila]. On the Airplane scene, Mike and Sheila’s best friend decided to sit together, leaving Sheila by herself. This is abnormal because no woman in her right mind would ever stand for something like that. Towards the end of the movie, Sheila began to notice what does and does not constituted a great relationship, which she discovered after her unremorseful husband had been

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