The Birth of My First Child

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The Birth of My First Child A birth is one of life's greatest moments. Seeing a child's birth is, for many, one of the greatest moments in life. The prospective parents often have very strong feelings of both anticipation and concern for labor, especially when it is the first time. Despite all the parental training and preparation, new parents just do not know quite what it will mean and how they will react. Four years ago, I witnessed my husband Adrian go thought this procedure, and it was an unnerving, scary and exciting experience I will never forget. Firstly, I felt nervous because for the first eight months of pregnancy, everything was perfect with my future child. I was one of the healthiest women in the world, but in the last month things changed. Suddenly, I got sick, and my doctor didn’t know what was causing me sickness. I felt like my world got destroyed, and since it was my first child, I felt hopeless. I was unnerved by the situation I was facing. My husband took me to see some other doctors, and finally one told us that something that I had eaten made me sick. The doctor told us that it wasn’t anything severe. It was something uncooked that I had eaten. After taking some medicine that the doctor subscribed, I started to feel much better in just three days. Those couples of days were the scariest moments of our life. When the due day arrived, I was very scared and when we got to the hospital, I remember when it was time, the nurse called me and took me to the birthing room. As I was walking by, many thoughts came to my mind about what my family had told me of how I was supported to react in the birthing room. However, I was too scared to even think about it. I just wanted for this to be over and carry my child in my arms. However, being suffering made me realizes how strong and valiant women am I .
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