The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven

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| The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven | Book Review | | Tammy Mudd | 10/18/2011 | RDG 030 | The Book I chose to do a review on is “The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven” by Kevin and Alex Malarkey. In this book Kevin and Alex tell about the accident they were in on November 14, 2004. (vii) The accident was a near death experience for both of them which left Alex paralyzed. I chose this book because I believe in God and the power of prayer, faith, angels, life after death in heaven. Alex and his family having gone through all the trials, with Alex in a coma for several months, is an awesome example of the miracles God can do for us if we believe. Alex really inspired me in this book, being a child six years old, to have the faith and will to fight trusting God to see him through. Kevin and his family had just moved to the location where they lived. His wife Beth had just given birth to their fourth child, ages six and under. The day on Sunday Nov.14, 2004, little did they know, would change their lives forever. Kevin and Alex were off to church leaving his wife and three children home. Church was over and they were one the way home when Kevin pulls out in front of a car, that he did not see coming at the intersection. Kevin was thrown out of the car and was lying in the ditch Alex was still in the car unresponsive and not breathing. The firefighter who went to Alex knew not to move his head so he placed his hand on little Alex’s chest to see if he was breathing, when he realized he was not, he began to pray over him. His dad had regained consciousness and realized Alex was fighting for his life, at that point he began to cry out to God. When stat flight landed to pick him up the father wanted to go with him but they could not let him. Alex remained in a coma for

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