The Aquarian Gospel Myth

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“Regarding the personality of Levi we are permitted to write but little.” Perhaps I take after Thomas when I have to admit that I was, and still am, dubious about the authenticity of The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ as the fifth gospel, which some have claimed it to be. The background of the “transcriber” is pertinent for me as a reference to what for many has become a fixed belief structure/religion, bordering on a cult. I was amazed at the aggressive defensiveness that most proponents of the book display in their writings about The Aquarian Gospel. This intrigued me to find out more about Levi, (as his third wife and publicist referred to him during the marketing of the book). I am very grateful to have discovered the thoroughly researched paper, The True Story Behind “The Aquarian Gospel” from which I feel it is necessary to paraphrase in the next few paragraphs. Levi was the son of a Church of Christ minister who followed in his father’s footsteps. During the Civil War he was a chaplain with the commission of Captain whose regiment lost no men save those who died from smallpox. It was just after this that Levi Dowling lost both his wife Sylvia and only new-born son. The war and this terrible tragedy must have had profound effect on Levi. Soon after studying, Levi started publishing a weekly Christian newspaper, song books and hymns, particularly aimed and Sunday Schools with what seems as ardent evangelistic spirit. I find it pertinent to note that he produced a very successful publication of worksheets, The Life of Jesus, for children which paraphrased and offered a harmonised version of the four gospels. A few years later, and within a month of divorcing his second wife Kate, Levi married Eva. It was during this time that Levi flourished in his ministry with his brother William. “He preached to the delight and edification of all the

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