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During the 6th grade summer, my mother, my brother and I evacuated from Florida, because of hurricane Ivan. We decided to go to Alabama and stay with friends we met in Germany. My father did not go with us, because he deployed to Afghanistan to fight Taliban terrorist. My father told my mother that we needed to bring a friend with us because he thought something bad may possibly happen while we traveled to Alabama. We followed one of our good friends as we drove to her house in Alabama. While we drove to Alabama on I-10, I decided to get some rest, because the sun did not come up yet. I wrapped myself up with covers, and I laid down and slept. Suddenly I woke up from my mother’s screaming and the feeling of our truck rocking. Soon, my brother…show more content…
As I watched them, I looked around for the luggage that shot out of the back of our truck. After the rescue team pulled my brother out of the truck, there was blood all over his face and they placed him into the ambulance on a stretcher. Then we got all of our remaining bags, and started to head down to the nearest emergency room. While driving down to the hospital, my brother’s hair hardened from the clotted blood and I noticed that a humongous bump arose on my head. I did not remember bumping into anything during the rollover accident, and my head did not seem to hurt either. I started to remember that our friend we followed during the evacuation must still be driving and did not notice an accident…show more content…
While we waited for the gashes in his head and legs to be stitched up from the glass cutting into his skin, the doctor cut my mother’s wedding ring off her hand because her finger swelled around the ring cutting off blood circulation. I removed a lot of the glass that cut into my skin and the glass that I felt in my hair. My mother and I went into the room to see him after the completion of his surgery. His hair still appeared bloody, but it looked as if they cleaned most of it out. The doctor showed us that he sustained a large gash from sliding his head against the sharp glass on front seat’s window while he slept. After we left the hospital, we made it to our friend’s house and rested for a few days. Once the hurricane passed, we drove back home, and it took several days for the cuts and bruises to heal. I noticed that many teenagers do not wear seatbelts because they believe they will never be in an accident, but it can happen to anyone. I am very thankful to be alive, because of the lessons I learned about wearing seatbelts and believing in God’s protection, I am still

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