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The New York Dolls formed in 1971, in New York, New York. With guitarists Johnny Thunders and Rick Rivets, bassist Arthur Kane, and drummer Billy Murcia were joined by vocalist David Johansen.(1) Starting as the first punk rock band, their drug-fueled, shambolic performances influenced a generation of musicians in New York and London. ( 2) Within a few months of performing, the band gained a cult following. To were record companies were scared of signing the Dolls because of their cross-dressing and blatant behavior. (( 3) In 1972 the band went on tour in England with a more glam rock, and during the tour their drummer died of accidental over dose.( 1) Replacing the fallen member they continued to tour and perform,…show more content…
So the dolls hired a new manager, who made them change their look. Dressing in red leather and performing in front of the U.S.S.R flag.( 5) Though even still with the changes no record label wanted to sign with the band. In the middle of 1975, two of the band members Thunders and Nolan left the band. Not long after the rest of the members broke up, going on to attempt solo careers. ( 2) On April 23, 1991, Thunders was found dead in his room at the St. Peter House in New Orleans, Louisiana. Nolan performed at a tribute concert for Thunders later in 1991; a few months later, he died of a stroke at the age of 40.( 6) In 2004, the surviving members reunited to perform at the 2004 Meltown Festival. Shortly after Aurther Kane checked himself into a Los Angeles hospital with what he thought was a severe case of the flu. Kane's ailment was soon diagnosed as leukemia, and he died only a few hours later, on July 13, 2004, at age 55. The remaining Dolls played a hometown tribute to their fallen brothers at Little Steven's International Underground Garage Festival in New York City on August 14, 2004.( 8)

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