Literary Critique Crank by Ellen Hopkins

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Literary Critique Ellen Hopkins - Crank Ellen Hopkins manages to twist the deep pit in your stomach and make you feel emotions you might not know you could feel, with her book, Crank. I whole-heartedly give this book a ten out of ten rating. The novel Crank is written in free verse poetry, which is a different style than what I am usually attracted to, but I found that it took the story to a whole new level. Although, it is a work of fiction, Crank is loosely based on the true story of the author’s daughter, making it all the more haunting. Kristina Georgia Snow and her alter ego, Bree, start at the beginning and lead you through the chilling story of her downfall due to her addiction to crank, better known as crystal meth. The story starts when Kristina, the perfect daughter, goes to visit her father who is an alcoholic and drug addict living on the rough side of Albuquerque, New Mexico. This is where Kristina’s inner rebellious vixen, Bree, comes out to play. It is in Albuquerque that she meets her first love as well as the monster, crank. She stays there for three weeks before moving back to Reno, Nevada where her mother, step-father, and two siblings live. She becomes driven by desire for crystal meth and manages to find connections. As time goes by she becomes more and more addicted and gets to a point where she is always high on something and never crashes. As well as finding meth, she also finds a boy, Brendan, and another boy, Chase. Brendan turns out to be not as nice as she originally thought, and it is only after she falls madly in love with Chase that she discovers she is unwillingly pregnant will Brendan’s child. She barley manages to stay clean during her pregnancy, and although she gives birth to a beautiful baby boy, it is clear that the story does not have a happy ending. The

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